I had basically no website building experience but needed a Shopify site set up. TheProton listened to exactly what I needed and ran with it. He quickly had the site set up and working just as I wanted. He was also great at answering my questions which quickly helped me get my head around Shopify. He continues to go above and beyond at advising me and answering my technical questions. I highly recommend hiring TheProton for all your website needs.

Primal Space

Frustration with my new Laptop actually reduced me to tears!  All I needed to do was access my work emails, Spotify and be able to use Microsoft Office for basic presentations initially but all the goalposts seemed to have changed and I COULDN'T seem to navigate my way round!  Henry was a knight in shining armour, calmly installing the programs I needed, showing me how to use them (without being patronizing) and charging really reasonable rates.  What a charming young man!  I thoroughly recommend him. 


Manton, Marlborough

We are very pleased with the website that Henry developed for us and we appreciated his flexibility, quick turnarounds, good value and support along the way.


Imagination Marlborough

I have worked closely with Henry over the years on many different projects in a professional capacity directly on many projects.

He's a driven individual that's committed to creating high-quality solutions for his clients and companies he works for and strives for perfection....

Has excellent strong communication and has the ability to take complex topics and concepts and breaks them down into manageable chunks that are easily digestible and easy to understand.

A skilled leader that strives to lead his team to success and make each individual achieve their best work. He's always willing to go that one step further to support everyone.

His technical skills are from essential in web design using CMS like WordPress to bespoke systems that can meet your business needs, Web hosting, networking and using many cloud systems like Shopify and Google Workspace administration.

If he needs to learn the technology or the solution, he's a quick learner who can learn the techniques to get you up and running quickly.

Forward-thinker that thinks years ahead of how technologies can affect the business and individuals instead of staying in the president's moment.


Backend Specialist